Our solutions enable to proceed with a discussion with the pedagogic team, in order to:

  •  Select and compose “Whole Brain” juries
  • Elaborate evaluation charts that take into account more “Whole Brain” aspects.

The HBDI® will enable you to establish clear academic goals in the program of integration seminars, such as:

  • Learn how to communicate,
  • Get to know oneself better,
  • Build working groups during communication and creativity classes, to guide the students during their studies and to help them choose their major,
  • Work on the concept of an effective team.

Integration of new promotions

Development of a personal and professional project

The approach can be used to help students think about their learning styles and develop a career plan. The discovery of their learning styles has two objectives:

  • Understand that there are specific methods to help control some learning aspects.
  • Reverse the customer / supplier relationship with the teacher; the second point is not neutral and has a direct impact on teacher practices.

Brain Ressources®

Discover the HBDI Junior® on our dedicated website:

The website that enables
young people to choose
the direction that suits them!

(Available in French, English and Dutch)

Brain Ressources is intended for all those who believe that brain preferences play a key role in our orientation choices and learning styles.
Brain Ressources and the HBDI Junior® tool enable young people :

  • To learn faster, with a minimum of effort
  • To boost the efficiency of their organizational skills
  • To learn to communicate effectively and gain confidence
  • To discover their path

And with the HBDI Junior®application, young people will be able to download their results on their devices.
(Now available on the App Store and on Android).

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