The pair profile

The pair profile

The HBDI® Pair Report combines two individual HBDI® profiles, which can provide valuable insight into important relationships such as peers, managers/subordinates, mentors/mentees and strategic business alliance partners.

  • Visual displays and comparisons of the similarities and differences in how the pair thinks, processes information, and prefers to work.
  • Methods for improving communication and performance based on the thinking styles of the pair.
  • Conflict resolution techniques based on the thinking styles of pairs.

Modules to discover

Do you want to discover
your HBDI® profile?

Complete the HBDI® questionnaire online and get your profile results confidentially within 48h including a booklet containing four sections:

  • To understand the thinking style model,
  • To interpret your profile step by step,
  • To give a summary of your profile code’s typical traits and other profile codes for comparison and understanding,
  • To give ideas and activities to explore your profile for potential growth.

HBDI® Fundamentals: intro to
Whole Brain course

Discover how your preferences affect the way you interact with the world in your own virtual classroom.

It’s fun. It’s easy, and, it may drastically change the way you think about yourself and your world.


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