The Team Profile

What you need to know about the team profile

The compilation of the information extracted from each team member profile enables to make a team profile.
The team uses this team profile as a framework to make collective decisions. It highlights the strong points and the potential blind spots and areas for development within the group in order to achieve its missions.
It clearly indicates the points that would need to be developed, mainly in terms of communication, of training and of skills to acquire or to integrate.
The Herrmann team profile enables a manager to identify the management styles to use and the tools to set up in order to motivate each member of his team.

It is a technical report with many graphical representations obtained from the compilation of extracted information from HBDI® profiles of each team member. This is done with an online system application created by Herrmann International teams. This report includes:

  • Composite profile,
  • Team profile,
  • Process flow of preferences,
  • Preference map,
  • Rank order of work elements,
  • Adjective pairs comparison,
  • and so on,

Team profile results are worked either in front of all team members during a 2 or 3-day workshop, or by the manager (previously trained by Herrmann International Europe) in order to optimize the selection and the integration of a new team member.

A tool to serve executive committees,
project managers and managers

Diagnostic examples

Team with Left Mode preferences:

This team of engineers and technicians, very at ease within a stable organization, masters well a technique. They solve technical problems, plan the production and manage the current situation properly.
But they hardly design new types of organization, develop new technologies and welcome new members in the team.
It would be necessary to add more right brain people to this team.

This team of software publishers, very at ease in perceiving future softwares, develops good relationship with its existing customers. They develop innovative products by using latest worldwide microcomputing progresses.
This team can hardly make its softwares more reliable, meet deadlines and manage the operating account.
It would be necessary to add more left brain people to this team.

Team with Right Mode preferences:

Modules to discover

Do you want to discover
your HBDI® profile?

Complete the HBDI® questionnaire online and get your profile results confidentially within 48h including a booklet containing four sections:

  • To understand the thinking style model,
  • To interpret your profile step by step,
  • To give a summary of your profile code’s typical traits and other profile codes for comparison and understanding,
  • To give ideas and activities to explore your profile for potential growth.

HBDI® Fundamentals: intro to
Whole Brain course

Discover how your preferences affect the way you interact with the world in your own virtual classroom.

It’s fun. It’s easy, and, it may drastically change the way you think about yourself and your world.


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