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How to obtain better results

Get better results by using the HBDI® and our ready-to-use solutions.
Becoming a Herrmann Certified Practitioner will enable you to:

  • Differentiate your services from the competition,
  • Offer innovative solutions more consistently,
  • Quickly target your clients’ problem areas,
  • Offer Whole Brain Thinking® consulting as an add-on service,
  • Make your services more measurable to the bottom line.

What is Whole Brain Technology®?

We all have a set of natural thinking preferences that influence the way we relate to others, solve problems and make decisions. And while there's no 'right' way to think, these long-established patterns often prevent us reaching our full potential.
Whole Brain Technology® releases people from the self-limiting thinking that can stifle productivity, innovation and business growth.

How will Whole Brain Technology® benefit my clients?

Whole Brain Technology® has been proven to dramatically improve organisational effectiveness, teaming, communication, decision making and problem solving and ultimately business profitability. Whole Brain Technology® can assist you to help your clients:

  • Dramatically improve internal and external communication,
  • Align individuals, teams and divisions with company values and objectives,
  • Build effective teams,
  • Embed a culture of creativity and innovation,
  • Increase sales by better engaging with clients,
  • Manage change,
  • Improve employee engagement and career alignment,
  • Improve decision making, problem solving, and planning capability.

Becoming a Herrmann Certified Practitioner


We offer certification workshops that allow you to apply the Thinking Style approach and to use the Whole Brain® model for complex problems and situations, such as management, communication, team building, leadership, innovation, learning and pedagogy, sales and change management.

The certification process

The Herrmann certification process takes place in three steps:

  1. A preliminary work to the workshop,
  2. Attending the 4 day Certification Workshop (Modules 1 & 2),
  3. Completing the HBDI® Certification Exercise (for the debriefing of 3 HBDI® profiles).

After these 3 steps , you will be able to:

  • use the HBDI® within the framework of your professional activity,
  • use the pair and team profiles,
  • get our tools and our pedagogic games,
  • enjoy our certified discount prices,
  • access our HBDI® profiles processor system through the internet the Herrmann Thinking Management System® v6.1 (or HTMS®),
  • create your own HBDI® database and process HBDI® profiles,
  • access dedicated pages on our website,
  • use the Herrmann Certified Practitioner logo,
  • Receive the Herrmann International degree.

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